Sirenia’s new album is a true reflection of the talent and skill in the metal industry. Their diverse style in music combines a little bit of everything that has changed their sound to something greater which each album. 

Sirenia interview 28/10/2018

Moscow - Sirenia October 29th 2018

Interview details

Sirenia has been one of my all-time favorite bands through the years. Their music style has changed through the years always bringing something new and exciting to the table. I was given the opportunity to interview the band while being in Moscow (at Station Hall.)




My first impression of meeting them was that they are very happy people that love what they do. What I found amazing with watching them play live is the passion they have for the music. They truly show how they enjoy playing on stage and have awesome stage presence.





You can buy their album on the top of the page by clicking on the image of the new album.



I hope you liked the interview!



Sirenia - Love Like Cyanide

Sirenia - Into the Night

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